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Please Note: Booking of the batting Cages is based on the honour system. The key to the batting cage is the same as the dugouts. Giving a key to a 3rd party is not allowed. Anyone found to be giving their key to an unauthorized person will have their Batting Cage privileges revoked.


Lombardy Batting Cages

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  • The schedule is a shared document - please take care not to overwrite another entry. 
  • For the good of the assocation, if you find you cannot use a previously-booked time, please remove your team name from the booking schedule ASAP
  • Batting Cage times are for a 1- hour session for both tunnels. Booking slots cannot begin before 8 am and must end by 8 pm. Bookings must begin on the hour. The cage behind the washrooms/concession is not booked and is available on a first come basis
  • All KMBA teams along with JPBL and Bantam AAA can book once from Monday to Friday and once on Saturday or Sunday. These teams cannot book their next session until after their current session is over.
  • Any un-booked spots are open to any team once that day begins. (12:01 am of the day in question.)
  • Coaches and Assistant coaches may book the Batting Cage in the off-season free of charge for registered players using the same guidelines as above.
  • Non KMBA players (i.e.: any outside users) can book the cage for $50.00 per hour to help cover maintenance costs and must carry their own insurance. To use the Batting Cage in the off-season, please contact the President or Vice Presidents.
  • NO METAL CLEATS in the batting cage at any time.
  • NO SPITS, TABACCO OR SPITTING etc in the cage at any time.
  • Any abuse of the booking system or misuses of the batting cage will result in having their batting cage privileges revoke

Elks Batting Cage Bookings 

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  • Currently Closed until Spring. Booked groups take precedence over individuals using the facility. Keys to the facility can be obtained from your division director.

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