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Association Boundaries and Player Releases

KMBA applies the BC Minor Baseball Association rules and regulations regarding player movement requests. Players who reside within our approved boundary area are expected to register with KMBA and play within their age Division as long as we offer that level of baseball within our program. (click to see map)

If you are considering moving from another boundary area, or wish to apply for a release to register outside our area, please review the BC Minor Baseball rules and regulations prior to submitting an application.

Registration Fee Refunds 

In order to initiate a refund for league registration fees at Kelowna Minor Baseball, parents must advise their Division Director of their intent to withdraw. The date of this request will be the date used to process any deductions to the refund.

Refunds for Winter Indoor Program: 

A full refund will be available, less a $25.00 administration fee, up until first session. After first session there will be no refund. Exceptions to this policy may be granted by the KMBA Board based on additional information submitted by the requester.

Refund Reduction Timeline

  • Open of registration until April 15 - $25 administration fee
  • April 16 until first game - 50% of registration fees refunded when uniform is turned in
  • After first game - no refunds
  • Exceptions to this policy may be granted by the KMBA Board based on additional information submitted by the requester.

Player Promotion Guidelines

The policies and practices listed below were developed to assist parents, coaches and administrators in understanding the process followed during a play-up request. Conditions and minimum standards are also described.

1. Under-age players wishing to participate in an advanced division must:

  • Be of second-year age in their registered division
  • Posses exceptional skill, maturity and understanding of the game when compared to players of their own age
  • Be able to perform and conduct themselves at a level which surpasses the average second-year player of the intended division.

2. Players interested in playing up will only be permitted to enter the evaluation phase if divisional wait-lists have been satisfied and vacant room still exists on teams. KMBA will cease processing wait-list registrants two days prior to the first evaluation date for that division.

3. A parent's interest in coaching or managing at a certain level does not necessarily qualify their child to participate in that division.

4. KMBA board will make the final decision as to whether moving up into another division will be allowed.

5. Exceptions to this practice can be made to the KMBA board of directors, through a letter of appeal.

It's important to remember, if permission is granted for a player to play in a higher division, that player will not be permitted to play Allstar (summer) baseball back at the lower Division. They will remain at the higher Division for the full year.

Spring Ball Evaluation.


Each division is required to hold 3 evaluations prior to team selections. Player must attend 2 evaluations minimum in order to be considered for double (AA) teams. Players will receive points on batting(15), pitching(15), infield(10) and outfield(10) with total of 50 possible points per evaluation. Division directors will add up the points from the top two evaluation and players will be ranked from strongest to weakest.


Spring Ball Team Selection


KMBA will hold a player draft type team selection process in order to have equally balanced spring teams. Where there is a tired division, double (AA) coaches will be able to select from the top 15 player per (AA) team first. After double (AA) teams have been selected single (A) coaches will be able to select their teams. Where a coach has a son or daughter that child will be assigned to their team at the appropriate time.


Summer Ball Evaluations


Each division is required to hold 3 evaluations prior to team selections. Players must attend a minimum of 2 evaluations. Players will receive points on batting(15), pitching(15), infield(10), outfield(10) and coach ability(10). Coaches will add up the points from the top two evaluations and players will be ranked from strongest to weakest.


Summer Ball Team Selection


Coaches will be able to select from the top 15 players. If all roster spots cannot be filled with KMBA players the coach may go outside the association to fill the remaining spots.(Reviewed only for AAA Teams)


Summer Ball Coach Selection Process


Head coaches must submit their application to the VP of Baseball by May 1. Assistant coaches must submit their application to the VP of Baseball by May 15. Vp of Baseball, Player Coach Development Director and Division Director will be the three man committee in charge of coach selections. The Committee will select the head coach by May 15. The Committee will review and approve the head coaches selected assistant coach by may 30.


Criminal Record Checks


Head coaches and assistant coach must have a criminal record check done in the previous two years


Conflict Resolution Process
revised Jan 15, 2014

The Executive Committee members of the KMBA recognize that disagreements are a normal byproduct of participation in any organization, including minor sports. KMBA has a responsibility to all stakeholders in the program (players, parents, coaches, Executive Committee members) to ensure that matters of concern are investigated and discharged in a fair, timely, and appropriate way. We commit to providing a mechanism to allow all parties to find a fair resolution through a transparent process.
This policy should be followed in any of the following instances:

  • Any KMBA stakeholder perceives that a violation of any of the codes of conduct (Player, Coach, Parent) of the KMBA has been committed
  • There is a disagreement about the manner in which any baseball rules are applied
  • There is a disagreement about the manner in which any KMBA policies are applied
Outlined below are the steps that Parents, Players and Coaches should use to deal with any conflicts that arise. It is imperative that all steps are followed in the proper order.
Should it be determined that a transgression has occurred that necessitates a remedy, all parties should be aware that the resolution to a problem may include serious consequences. Serious issues may affect a player’s eligibility to play in the KMBA, a parent’s ability to participate in KMBA events, and a coach's ability to participate in a leadership role in the KMBA.
All stakeholders should be aware that all allegations of a serious or criminal nature will be reported immediately to the police or relevant agency and will not be investigated by the KMBA.
Note: Strict confidentiality, impartiality, fairness and due process must be observed.
Step 1: Coaches/Parents should address any concerns by dealing directly with the person involved.
  1. Wait 24 hours after the event or conflict (except in cases where immediate action to deal with a serious matter is concerned, e.g. abuse, harassment)
  2. Write out the facts of the conflict or concern on paper
  3. The Coach/Parent shall contact the other party and ask to meet outside of normal practice/game times, as soon as possible after the event/concern. The parties should meet within 48hrs of the request being made to discuss the issue. A good time would be after a game/practice or on an off-day
  4. Parents or Coaches requesting a meeting should bring their written, specific concerns to this meeting, not simply complain about general issues related to the team.
  5. If the issue is resolved at the meeting there is no need for further action by the KMBA, however the Parent(s)/Coach(es) should document that an issue was raised and resolved.  The Coach should then notify their respective Division Director of the resolution of the issue.
This should all take place within 3 days of the event/conflict.
If Step 1 does not resolve the issue then both parties must put their concerns in writing (or email) and forward these notes to the Division Director and the Coaches’ Coordinator within 24 hours.
Step 2: Involve Division Director and XXXX if Necessary
If the Parent and Coach can not agree on a resolution in Step 1, the Division Director and Coaches Coordinator will arrange to meet with the parties within 3 days of receiving letters from both parties describing the conflict and suggested resolutions.
The Division Director and Coaches’ Coordinator should gather information as necessary to ensure they have a clear understanding of the facts. If there is a dispute over the facts, statements from witnesses and other relevant evidence will be obtained.
If the parties reach agreement on a resolution at this conference there is no need for further action. The Coaches Coordinator and Division Director should inform the Executive in writing that a formal complaint has been brought forward, that a meeting has been held, and that a resolution has been reached.
If the Division Director and Coaches Coordinator cannot help the parties to reach a mutually agreeable resolution they will forward the letters from the parties to the Executive, along with their notes on the matter.
This should all be done within 7 days of the event/concern
Step 3: Involve Executive Committee
If the issue is not resolved in Step 2 the Executive will meet as necessary to determine a fair resolution to the issue.
The Executive’s decision will be conveyed to the parties involved, in writing, along with a clear explanation of the rationale behind the decision and any penalties that are applied.
The potential consequences are detailed in the paragraph below.
A report documenting the Complaint, summarizing the Investigation Process, and the outcome including any penalties assessed will be prepared and filed. This report should include any recommendations for future actions.
This should be completed within 14 days of the event/concern.
Potential Consequences
All parties involved with Kelowna Minor Baseball should be aware of the consequences from actions deemed inappropriate, including:
  • verbal apology to parties involved (with Director’s witness)
  • written apology to parties involved (and copy to the Executive)
  • temporary ban on attending KMBA events (parents or players)
  • permanent ban on attending KMBA events (parents or players)
  • temporary suspension of coaching privileges (Spring season) (e.g. 1 game or more, 1 week)
  • full season (or remainder of season) suspension (Spring season)
  • suspension of coaching privileges (Summerball season)
  • suspension of coaching privileges (next Spring season)
  • suspension of coaching privileges (permanent)


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