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Welcome to the 2014 Baseball season!

As you may know, Kelowna Minor Baseball is an entirely volunteer-run operation and a team effort on the part of players and families alike. Board members put in many hours before, during, and after the season to ensure the league runs successfully. In addition, each family is expected to put in 10 hours of volunteer time (PER FAMILY) during the season.

For some volunteer positions, you will be contacted by a KMBA Division Director who will outline his/her expectations for your job during the season. Other volunteer positions start when your child starts and is managed by the Team Parent.

Please be aware of the specific dates or time frames during the season that your job involves. You are required to show up for shifts you are assigned. If after signing up you have a conflict with scheduled dates, it is YOUR responsibility to contact the appropriate volunteer to reschedule or work with the volunteer to sign up for a different job.

Volunteering is a wonderful way to play an active role in your child's baseball experience and community. Parents may also elect to opt out of Volunteering and choose to pay the Voluntee Fee of $50.00 (Mosquito, PeeWee, Bantam, Midget players) or $25.00 (Mini-Tad and Tadpole players)

Job descriptions are listed below.

Have a great season!


Volunteer Positions 2014

KMBA Board of Directors

A list of the current Board of Director positions can be found on our website. Board members are elected at the Annual General Meeting. All BoD positions have been filled for the 2014 year

Division Directors

Division Directors are responsible for running each division - coordinating with coaches and setting play schedules, as well as taking responsibility that the equipment bags that are distributed to that division's head coaches at the beginning of the season

Head Coach

The Head Coach is responsible for running the team including practices and games. They must report to their appropriate Division Director, must learn division playing rules, instruct players in proper baseball skills, involve parents with team/league activities, should attend all player evaluations for their respective division and attend team formation meeting. The Head Coach will work the with team parent to assign job responsibilities according to the needs of the team

Assistant Coach

The Assistant Coach is responsible for helping run the team including practices and games. They must report to the Head Coach, must learn division playing rules, instruct players in proper baseball skills, should attend all player evaluations for their respective division and attend team formation meeting.

Note about Coaching:

Our goal is to provide coaches with (affordable) training. Each Head coach and assistant coach will be required to obtain NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) training. All Training courses will be reimbursed by the BMBA.

Team Parent

The Team Parent will Reports to the Head Coach. The team parent assists in the following: Updates team families on league fundraising activities, Practice/game information, team fundraising, Coordinates social activities as required.

Sign up only for a division that your child will be playing in. It is possible after the formation of the teams that multiple team representatives will be on the same team. IN THIS EVENT YOU WILL BE ASKED TO FULFILL A DIFFERENT VOLUNTEER JOB FROM THE REMAINING JOBS AVAILABLE. If there is no team representative on a given team, the Head Coach will meet with the parents to determine the best candidate. (One team representative per team for all divisions)

Team Scorekeeper

There should be a minimum of 3 persons to scorekeep –2 main scorekeepers and 1 alternate scorekeepers. Keep accurate scores and statistics for the assigned games. Responsible for 5 games each as Official Scorekeeper

Team Pitch Counters

Duties include counting and recording pitches for both Home and Away teams. There should be a minimum of 2 persons to Pitch count – the main counter and an alternate. This is for Divisions Mosquito to Midget.

Extra Team Volunteers

Responsibilities will vary according to the team needs and may include but not limited to:

  • Field Prep. (Before/After games and practices)
  • Prepping the fields by sweeping out the dugout, raking the field, brushing the field, watering  down the field, adding dirt as needed to pitcher's mound and batter's box, lining batter's box, keeping the field/dug outs free of trash.
  • First Aid Monitors. (Assist in first aid)

Player Evaluation Field Assistant

The Player Evaluation Field Assistant will reports to Divisional Director. They Must be able to consistently hit groundballs and fly balls, performs assigned tasks at evaluations such as warming up the kids, assist with instructing kids and leading evaluation activities.

Player Evaluation Administration

The Player Evaluation Administrator will reports to Divisional Director. They must be responsible, caring, able to manage a large group of children, responsible for checking in players, managing players within groups and keeping them together.

Team Fund-raising 

Responsibilities include collecting fund-raising ideas from parents, volunteers and other sources. Works with Team Parents and Coaches to organize and execute the fundraiser.

Opening Day Volunteers 

Opening day is scheduled for April 19, 2013. Help is needed to organize and execute this event. Opening day planners, field monitors and parade marshals are required to allow for celebration of membership participation and recognize sponsorship contributions.

Tournament Volunteers

Kelowna Minor Baseball Is hosting house tournaments at every level this spring season. this is a great opportunity for the kids to play a lot of baseball over the course of a weekend, leaving us with lots of work to make it happen. Dates are on the KMBA website's 2014 Tournament page.


REMINDER: The KMBA is a 100% volunteer organization that depends upon the participation of all parents at all levels. We ask for and thank you for your support. ALL FAMILIES must fulfil their volunteer obligation in order to be in good standings with Kelowna Minor Baseball Association. If you cannot fulfil your volunteer time, you may select the Volunteer opt out option. KMBA counts on all of us!!

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